Review of the model of care for remote and Indigenous health care.

Smartnet was engaged to review problems occurring as a result of a lack of service planning and infrastructure in remote and Indigenous health, as well as the need to improve empowerment and agree priority-setting with stakeholders.

Smartnet formed a team of domain experts to review all aspects of the model of care and to meet with stakeholders, health consumers and service providers in relevant communities across a very large part of Australia.

The findings from this work have laid the ground-work for a new model of care based on closer cooperation between service planners, visiting clinicians and communities, as well as new tools for information sharing and service scheduling. A successful national business case for capital funding of new infrastructure was also developed.

Smartnet has skilled and experienced health service practitioners and clinicians with expertise encompassing health service planning, information management, and health stakeholder engagement and consultation. Smartnet personnel are represented on the national advisory board of HealtheNation and have worked at the state and national level on health projects and delivering health programs.

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