we’re an Australian
smart services and solution
development company
with a footprint in the UK,
Europe and the USA

We’ve been operating for 8 years and our clients range from small businesses to large corporate and government agencies. Our people are seasoned experts in government and industry. We have expertise in digital web and mobile technologies, privacy, user-centric design, identity management and cyber and information security.

We design, develop evaluate and host innovative solutions that solve business problems, streamline business processes and generate large scale adoption by users. 

We are the endorsed or appointed suppliers for a large number of Federal and State Government Departments and Agencies.

At Smartnet we bring together a deep experience-based understanding of the issues and trends in key industry sectors, with an intimate knowledge of best practice in business and operational processes and management systems. Perhaps, that’s why we have a track record for innovative problem solving, highly effective stakeholder engagement and complex solution delivery.