Development of a strategy for migrating complex business applications from an external hosted legacy financial system, to a new SAP integrated financial suite.

Smartnet was engaged to analyse and then develop a strategy which enabled a very large organisation with little system documentation and an outsourced service provider, to identify all of its administrative and operational interfaces to its obsolete, hosted financial system. The objective was to enable a seamless transition to a new, internally hosted and managed SAP solution, without interruption of service.

Smartnet worked with the organisation to identify and categorise all its financial system interfaces according to risk and priority, and to then develop a management plan that enabled each interface to be replicated or replaced and then tested, in accordance with the organisation’s timetable and the program being followed by the vendor.

Smartnet personnel have experience with large, mission critical systems, change management processes and project governance and we are appointed to a wide range of government expert panels for the provision of these kinds of services.

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